Proficiency Testing Australia
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This Charter describes PTA’s aims in servicing the needs of its various clients in a timely and effective manner. It also identifies the ways in which our clients can assist PTA to provide its services at a level of quality commensurate with our mission.


PTA’s clients fall into the following major categories:

  • Accredited or applicant laboratories, inspection bodies, service facilities and other members of the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA); 
  • Laboratories, inspections bodies, service facilities and other clients of overseas accreditation bodies;
  • Non-accredited laboratories;
  • The Technical Advisers and Suppliers which underpin PTA’s core activities;
  • Governments, regulators and industry specifiers of testing, inspection and related services; and
  • The Australian community for their needs for a reliable network of technically competent laboratories, inspection bodies and service facilities.


PTA’s principal roles are outlined in PTA’s Mission Statement, as follows:


PTA’s Mission is to:

  • Provide, in the national interest, proficiency testing and supporting services which meet the needs of stakeholders and facilitate the domestic and international recognition and acceptance of their products and services;
  • Be a world leader in proficiency testing services, proficiency testing training and consultancy; and
  • Promote and contribute to the science and practice of proficiency testing both nationally and internationally.


In providing its services, PTA aims to:

  • Treat our clients and other stakeholders honestly, fairly and professionally;
  • Be courteous and helpful;
  • Give timely and accurate advice and information;
  • Avoid any potential conflicts of interest of our staff and Technical Advisers and others involved in our services;
  • Maintain confidentiality (within the provisions of the PTA Privacy Policy) of any document, information or process entrusted to us;
  • Conduct our proficiency testing services in compliance with international codes of best practice; and
  • Help our clients promote the values and significance of proficiency testing.


  1. For Proficiency Testing Activities we aim to:
    • Provide timely information of intent to run a proficiency testing program;
    • Conduct proficiency testing programs within a timely manner after participant registration;
    • Provide a report of our findings from proficiency testing programs within a timely manner.
  2. For Information Services we aim to:
    • Answer email or telephone enquiries from the general public within four working days of receipt.


So that we can meet the aims of this Charter we need you to:

  • Be open and honest in your dealings with us.
  • Treat our staff professionally, fairly and with courtesy.
  • Ensure you identify the most appropriate person within your organisation to be our principal point of contact.
  • Provide, on request of staff, all supporting information and documentation necessary for us to deal with your participation or other needs.
  • Pay all legitimate fees and expenses within agreed terms.
  • Advise us promptly when there are key changes in personnel or other matters affecting our recognition of your organisation.


If you are pleased with our service, please let us know. We wish to advise our staff when their services are appreciated.

If you are not satisfied with our service, please assist by advising us, so that we can address the issue.

In the first instance, please discuss any technical or operational issues with the relevant PTA Program Coordinator.

If you remain dissatisfied, contact or write to the PTA Quality Manager at:

PO Box 7507
Telephone : (02) 9736 8397
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.